I Am An Artist! What Will I Be Able To Do Here?

Over the past few decades, the Ancaster region’s community arts scene has steadily become one of the strongest in the province. Groups such as Ancaster Film Festival, Theatre Ancaster, Hamilton All-Star Jazz Band, Dundas Valley School of Art (to name just a few) have established us as a destination for amateur artists of all genres. These popular and successful groups accept artists, actors, dancers, musicians, and volunteers from all ages, skill levels, and areas. These groups, and more, will be a big part of the Ancaster Arts Centre. Please see our ‘happenings’ page for more information on our arts groups.

I Am An Arts Fan! What Will I Be Able To Do Here?

In addition to our mainstay of productions from our established local arts groups, we plan to promote professional concerts, films, and classes of all types. Contact us and let us know what you’d like to see on our stages and in our studios!

When Will The Centre Be Open?

This is fully dependent on when we raise the funds required for construction. Our goal is to do so and begin renovations by early 2019, though this is not an absolute date. We are working closely with the City of Hamilton to ensure the project is planned and implemented in a professional and responsible manner.

In the meantime, the Ancaster Arts Centre is already open! Not for Profit community arts groups are already using the space. On any given day or evening you may find an orchestra rehearsal, a costume being sewn, a youth group learning to sing & dance, and much more. Click on ‘our partners’ for more information on these amazing local groups.

What Will This Cost And Who Is Paying For It?

The design concept that you can find on this site has an estimated cost of $16.5M. Our fundraising team is working on raising this money through a combination of sources.

Private/Community: please refer to our donate section to contribute or see our progress.

Municipal: The City of Hamilton will be the primary contributor to the project thanks to the efforts of Ward 12 Councillor Lloyd Ferguson. Thus far he has arranged in excess of $8M in municipal funding!

Provincial: MPP Ted McMeekin was able to secure a Provincial contribution of $3M!

Federal: MP Filomena Tassi’s team is assisting in us in applying for funding from the federal government. Thus far she has been able to secure $1.5M in funding!
Please send our MP a note supporting the Ancaster Arts Centre! Filomena.Tassi@parl.gc.ca

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